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As a premier plumbing and heating contractor in New York City, Sanitary Plumbing & Heating has been providing its customers with unrivaled plumbing and heating service since its founding in 1929.  Fully insured and licensed by the City of New York, we offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions guaranteed to exceed your expectations and take care of all your plumbing and heating needs.

On May 8, 2007 the Fire Department of New York assumed responsibility of the annual sprinkler test from the Department of Housing Preservation. Click here to learn how to conform to these new important changes!

The days and the cost associated with having safe, fresh bottled drinking water delivered to your work place are over. Inquire now about the latest technology in water filtration systems. Ask about our bottle fillers and water fountains.


Did you receive a letter from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requiring the installation of a backflow prevention device? Call today to find out more information regarding the installation of backflow prevention devices and what steps are needed to comply with DEP's mandate.

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